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Koh Similan Island, the heaven on earth is located about 84 Km North-West of Phuket Island. Similan is known itself as the best unspoiled tropical national park in Thailand and also one of the top World's diving's playground. It is famous among tourists for Day Trip Speedboat travel, daytrip, Stopover overnight tour and excursion. The island vacation and holiday is recommended. The overall area of Koh Similan national park is 140 square-kilometres which consists of 9 stunning islands. Each 9 islands are reachable by speed boat, lays down beautifully from North to South; Miang (No. 4 and 5), Similan Island (No. 8), koh Payu (No. 7), Ba Ngu (No. 9), Payan (No. 2 and 3), and Koh Hu Yong (No. 1). Miang (1) is the main area where National Park offices, restaurants, accommodation and tropical forests located. Miang is also the home various animal such as Monkeys, Gibbons, langurs, squirrels, bats, lizards and a variety of birds.

Similan Island (8), has the beautiful coral reefs and white sandy beaches where you can enjoy travel, day trip and excursion snorkelling and swimming from Day Trip speedboat and Stopover overnight. Shallow water diving is also recommended here. There is a Sail Boat Rock where you can climb up to its top (Idol of Similan). Koh Payu (7) is the great sites for all kinds of diving. It is said that Similan has the most fantastic with entirely different types of environments all combined together into one destination. Moreover, Ba Ngu Island ( 9) is home of garden eels, leopard sharks resting in the sand combining with underwater rocks cover a large area. Recently we've spotted a napoleon wrasse, which is a rare fish in the Similan, Phuket - Thailand. Further, Christmas point is one of the most dramatic sites in the Similans. The soft coral growth and larger seafans show up with impressive untouched reef, and the fish action is fast here. End your dive near the Similan island for the best leisure of the trips and spend your free time on snorkelling and swimming by Day Trip speedboat and Stopover overnight. For non diving travel, Similan is the perfect place for island lover who seek for spectacular beaches, clear water, and tropical life for travel day trip and vacation.

In the end, There is much more to say about Similan trips until you experience by yourself. We offer this tours for both Phuket and Krabi Travellers, there are several options on excursion - Speed boat, Private Charter or Stay Stopover overnight on this heaven.
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Koh Surin Islands, the unspoiled beaches, crystal clear water, spectacular coral reefs and rich marine lives, is located in Phuket, Thailand. Mo Koh Surin National Park is comprised of 5 picturesque tropical islands and backdrops of forest. This is a remote paradise near the border between Thailand and Myanmar. Arguably the most nature experience in Phuket. There are 5 islands - Koh Ri, Khai, Klang, Surin Nuea and Tai islands. Due to the distance, Koh Surin has several unspoilt areas for perfect travel, day trip, Stopover overnight tours such as glorious white sand, magnificent coral reefs, various species of fishes and turtles. You cab easily get there be speedboat.

Island's main attractions are unspoilt stretches of fine white sandy beaches and lines of perfect shallow water coral reefs. The best time to travel is between December to April. Surin excursion by speed boat offers some of the most spectacular scenery view anywhere on Earth. North and south of Koh Surin Islands is well worth visiting, which offers traveler a deep and shallow water coral reefs and a good variety of seaweed and flowers.

They are also famous for the travel destination of the top diving and snorkeling sites in Thailand ?particularly in the most well-known of Ao Mae Yai and Ao Luk areas. Or you can simply take trips for recreation, snorkeling, swimming on speedboat or free on own leisure on Surin. Touching the local marine life face to face then visit the Sea Gypsies. Villagers here live according to ancient customs and cultures are the majority group of Sea Gypsies still living mainly on fishing around Surin. Bay offers clear water, white and long sandy beach that is best travel day trip for snorkelling and swimming by speedboat. Koh Surin Islands, Phuket - Thailand offer 3 types of reef, which are Flat, Edge, and Slope.
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Koh Similan and Surin Island
1 Day Similan Islands

Speed boat Day tour to Heaven on earth you can feel with plenty of marine life

1 Day Surin Island

Speedboat Day tour to Surin Island, Snorkelling and Swimming.

Similan Stopover overnight 2 Days 1 Night

Various species of fishes and coral, spectacular beaches.

Koh Similan and Surin Island
Surin Stopover overnight 2 Days 1 Night


National Park with unspoilt nature.

Similan Stopover overnight 3 Days 2 Nights

National park of coral reef and larger sea fans, impressive untouched reef

Surin Stopover overnight 3 Days 2 Night

Over night on paradise of Snorkeling and swimming by speed boat Day tour.

 Private Boat Charter and speedboat to Similan and Surin Island


This Tour is designed to please you to Similan and Surin's highlights while cruising around the beautiful scenery with maximum flexibility and avoiding large group travel during your fantastic island's trips.

Similan/Surin Scuba Diving

One of the top World's diving's playground, Home of beautiful marine life and leopard sharks, the must for underwater lovers.

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