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Phuket Thai martial art - Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is one of the most famous, exciting and amazing martial art in the world. Unarguably considered as the world's most dangerous martial art, Muay Thai's principle is the speed, good behaviour, bravery, grace and discipline required. It was originally created by ancient battlefield skills of the Thais for self-defence during the 1350-1767. The traditional Thai boxing (Muay Thai) was extremely violent and brutal which could result in death or physical injury to the enemies. The rules of Thai boxing, however, was changed in 1930 for sport and safty interest but you still can find a pre-1930s version of Thai boxing in some areas of the country. Contestants must wear boxing gloves and trunks their feet taped for the safety purposes.

Phuket has several of Thai boxing (Muay Thai) stadiums as well as camps with is open for outside visitors. As Thai boxing has recently become more famous among foreigners, there are a number of foreign learn how to Thai box in Phuket. You can find the good Muay Thai stadiums around Phuket with us.

Phuket Thai Boxing
Phuket Thai Boxing








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